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Hazards of Operating a Fuel Station
27Nov, 22 November 27, 2022Fuel

Businesses of all types and sizes carry their own hazards. A fuel station is just one among them. Here are five of the many hazards you may face as a fuel station owner:

Slipping and tripping

The most reported accidents at fuel stations in the US are slips, falls or trips. Repair pavements and pot holes in and around your gasoline station on time. Install alerts in the instances of spills so that both your team members and customers can avoid accidents and injuries. Spilled gasoline tends to be slippery thus potentially causing injuries to your team members and customers.

Practice caution when it comes to children

Children may feel curious and try to touch everything near the pumps. Have clear restrictions with regard to them when fueling vehicles and ask parents to keep children in the vehicles while they are gassing up.

Prohibit smoking

Lighting up may prove dangerous both for your team members and your customers alike. Put up posters at your gasoline station that prohibit smoking especially near the pumps.

Be mindful of the hazards of gasoline

While gasoline has often been referred to as liquid gold, it also has numerous properties that make it lethal. Handling it requires extra care on your part. Take measures to ensure that your fuel station does not become the cause of any serious gasoline-related injuries or accidents such as fires. Inflammable fuels like gasoline tend to float on water and can travel long distances. It can cause serious accidents even far away from your premises. Practice utmost caution when handling empty gasoline containers or tanks. This deserves the utmost attention. Gasoline vapors may also get into air-tight spaces. Both the vapor and the liquid forms of gasoline are hazardous. Train your team to minimize the possibility of contamination.

Robberies and assaults

Fuel stations witness a constant flow of customers throughout the day. Secure your premises in such a way that your assets remain protected at all times. Install bullet proof shields, close circuit cameras with independent power sources, burglar alarms and other security devices. Audit them regularly. Even if a theft happens, these measures will help you gather evidence.

Despite these hazards, a fuel station is among the most lucrative businesses. We know this for a fact as one of the leading petrol distributors in Georgia with operations beyond the state. If you have personally experienced any hazards and addressed them successfully, please tell us about them in the comment section.

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