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Fighting Violent Crime as a Gasoline Station Owner
30Jul, 22 July 30, 2022General

Oil and gas companies in Atlanta and other regions of the country have been recently experiencing an increased wave of crime thus seriously compromising the safety and security of employees and customers alike. This sudden inundation of criminal acts encompasses both shades of crime– violent as well as non-violent, also referred to as white collar crime. The instances of violent crime in the retail sector are on the rise, studies reveal. It goes without saying that the most at risk are gasoline stations owing to factors related to increased exposure and visible vulnerability.

If you own a fuel station, you have no choice, but to secure the lives of yourself and your workforce. Fortunately, taking preliminary security measures will help you considerably minimize your exposure to violent crime. Given below are the first of many helpful tips in this regard which you should consider, research and quickly implement them if you have not done so already.

Alarms and CCTV Surveillance Cameras

The never-ending avalanche of customers in large numbers make fuel stations easy targets for gangs and criminals. The presence of large amounts of cash, money orders and lottery tickets, not to mention the ease of entering and exiting a fuel station, can surely add to your nightmares. Setting up reliable, state-of-the-art and Internet enabled CCTV cameras as well as a professional grade burglar alarm should be your first step. This might not offer full-proof security and coverage because criminals, like the rest of us, have also become extremely techno-savvy. However, such an installation will minimize instances of crime and go a long way in solving them. Even if a criminal act occurs on your premises, you will have sufficient evidence to help law enforcement nab the culprits upon investigation. Your security paraphernalia should be cutting edge with maintenance schedules regularly and rigorously implemented. By the way, oil and gas companies in Atlanta and other regions are standing by to help you with your crime-proofing endeavors. Give your gasoline distributor a call and we will help you get all set up.

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