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Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline

Premier Petroleum is honored to be a Shell gasoline and diesel fuel certified supplier in Georgia and beyond. Shell service stations for fuel, motor oils, car care products and more come to over 20 million customers daily. Premier Petroleum and Shell operate together to provide premium oil to the Southeast with creative marketing strategies, promotions and more.

Premier and Shell together aim to address society’s energy needs in ways that are economically and socially sustainable in the future. Shell’s business commenced almost 200 years ago from a little shop in London to a leading bulk fuel supplier in Georgia.

Aiming to fulfill the rising global demand for energy

For a growing population with a growing standard of living, the world will need more energy to power homes and transport fuels. However, electricity will come gradually from lower-carbon sources in order to combat climate change. Shell expertise, technology and innovations contribute toward a cleaner energy supply. Experts agree that the world’s energy demand is expected to grow twice as much as in 2000 before 2050.

Customer Value Proposition from Premier and Shell

Connection to the whole supply chain (LNG, restoration and downstream consumer sales) is valuable.Comply with buyers’ demand to create a competitive supply portfolio from diverse sources.

Core Values

The teams at both Premier Petroleum and Shell share a set of fundamental values – honesty, integrity and respect for human beings – that support all our work. Staff at both Premier and Shell are informed of and compliant with the corporate standards on a continuous basis.
As one of the leading gas distributors, Premier Petroleum offers support for branding and many incentives including advance cash advancement. When you wish to consider Shell branding for your store, please contact us and we will seamlessly facilitate the transition from start to finish.

As one of the leading gas distributors, Premier Petroleum offers support for branding your store.