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Marathon Petroleum Corporation's (MPC)

Coast-to-coast retail network, featuring Marathon and ARCO® stations, serves as a key touchpoint for consumers to experience and rely on MPC’s product offerings. These stations are recognized as convenient stops for travelers, providing a much-needed respite and refueling services on their journeys.

Marathon Branded Gasoline

Marathon branded gasoline is widely accessible across the United States, through various retail outlets primarily managed by independent business owners. These outlets not only supply high-quality Marathon gasoline and diesel but also offer an array of services such as convenience store items, car washes, and a selection of co-branded food products, catering to diverse customer needs.


The Marathon Petroleum

The Marathon Petroleum story is a testament to the evolving relationship between the company and American drivers, beginning in 1887 with the formation of The Ohio Oil Company. Through years of innovation in refining processes, station design, and customer service—including the introduction of an early form of the credit card—Marathon Petroleum Corporation has grown from its modest origins to become a significant player in the energy industry, deeply interwoven with America’s transportation history.