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Premier Petroleum® Partners

Premier Petroleum® brings to you not only petroleum products from the world’s leading manufacturers but every single support service you will ever need to make your business shine and flourish. From pump maintenance to statutory compliance, we offer a 360 degree solutions so that you can focus on running your store while we take care of the rest. Call us for all your support service needs even if you do not purchase fuel and other related products from us. You will still remain one of our VIP customers!

MECO of Atlanta is a full service petroleum and industrial equipment company located in Atlanta. It is a family-owned and operated company with over 60 years of highly qualified experience serving clients throughout Georgia and beyond. A comprehensive equipment and system company, MECO of Atlanta provides fluid handling equipment to industries that pump, store, mix and meter fluids . The company designs customized systems for every type of project and its construction division takes immense care to ensure that all aspects of the project perform seamlessly. MECO of Atlanta carries the most reliable brands of fueling dispensers, POS systems, tank monitoring systems, and all other parts and accessories necessary to run a profitable gas station or convenience store. The company provides innovative, turnkey solutions for all its projects regardless of size. The company’s fully equipped and automated service facility, located in Atlanta, offers pump rebuilding services, failure analysis and solutions to decrease mean time between failures.

Tindell Marketing provides a wide array of financing solutions for gas stations & convenience stores. The company offers innovative equipment financing and leasing options that allows Premier Petroleum®’s customers to grow their business exponentially. Premier Petroleum®’s customers can finance new, used and refurbished equipment up to 100% of purchase price on extremely favorable terms. Tindell Marketing also helps our customers with their finance agreements, leases & highly competitively packaged working capital loans. Tindell Marketing’s 100% financing program allows our customers to finance soft costs such as installation, shipping, tax and other items. Top on the list of the various items for which Tindell Marketing arranges financing for our customers includes refrigeration, ASTs, USTs, canopies, signs, dispensers, LED lighting, POS, card systems, car wash equipment and food service equipment only to name a few.

Premier Petroleum® is proud to be partnered with Bulldog Insurance, Atlanta’s number one insurance services company. Bulldog Insurance provides Premier Petroleum®’s customers a full spectrum of business insurance services such as liability insurance, umbrella policies and property insurance at highly competitive prices. Bulldog Insurance will first analyze your insurance needs, design an end-to-end protection program, and recommend a cost-effective insurance strategy tailored to your business. The company will also customize insurance coverage for your gas station, convenience store or any other business at prices that are downright reasonable and affordable blended with top flight customer service. Premier Petroleum® and Bulldog Insurance are committed to identifying and helping you to minimize your exposure to risk. We accomplish this with a clear emphasis on quality coverage, competitive premium pricing and simplifying insurance matters.

Baker Imaging is Premier Petroleum®’s imaging and signage partner and we are indeed proud to associate with them. Baker Imaging will transform your signs, billboards and imaging into works of art thus taking your corporate identity, signage and branding to the next level. Whether it is neon signs, LED signs or any other type of signage, Baker Imaging can complete your project both on time and under budget. Customized packages from Baker Imaging include ideation, concept design, execution, installation and maintenance. When it comes to eye-catching signs, Premier Petroleum® and Baker Imaging are only a phone call away!

Premier Petroleum® is always by your side when it comes to UST compliance and we are proud to provide this service by partnering with Facility Compliance Management. Our services include scheduled testing, site maintenance, tank registration, annual pump inspection, Notice Of Violation resolution, Facility State Inspection representation, and petroleum contact water removal. The company will visually check for damage, remove fluid and debris, check for and remove obstructions in fill pipes and even check for leaks in interstitial areas. These are only a few of the many services that the company provides our customers at highly affordable costs. The company can build a customized comprehensive compliance management program that is specific to your facility and needs in order to comply with all state and federal regulatory requirements.