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Top Fuel Brands from Premier Petroleum®

Has your purchase agreement with your current fuel brand lapsed? Would you like to connect with a top fuel retail brand? Would you like to increase your customer base? We can help!

Premier Petroleum® is a Atlanta-based cross-brand, multi-state fuel supplier which provides top quality fuels as well as convenience store investment opportunities for its customers located throughout the southeast. We continue to impact the market through consistent quality offers, which always lead to higher customer retention across our distribution networks.

Fuel Retail Branding

The branding of your existing store provides your business with instant brand recognition and confidence. It is more likely that customers will purchase branded retail fuel given the fact that they recognize and trust these brands. This means you will experience increased sales and exposure when you carry branded fuel at your store.

Premier Petroleum® is a leading fuel distributor in Georgia with advanced expertise in supporting current and potential store owners as well as leveraging the benefits of connecting gas stations and convenience stores with the branded fuel manufacturers of their choice. With established brands such as Shell, Chevron and Texaco, only to name a few, we can help you bring to your customers high quality branded fuel through supervised and monitored delivery models. We can also assist you in the procurement of unbranded fuel should you choose to carry it.

Increase Fuel Sales with Branding

Premier Petroleum® is familiar with the dynamic retail fuel market and strongly believes that reliability and customer satisfaction are the standards that give us a competitive advantage. Discover the numerous benefits of using a reputable fuel brand for your store. Our branding team is here to assist you through the entire process and provide you with all the support you will ever need.

Conduct business with a Trusted Name

Premier Petroleum®, which delivers quality petroleum products to more than 300 store owners, can also deliver to your storestep fuel and other products from all the leading fuel brands. We employ highly skilled professionals and annually distribute millions of gallons of fuel products. Experience, training and education are the hallmarks of our organization. Our long-standing relationships and credibility with major fuel brands enables us to offer a complete range of products to our customers at highly competitive prices.