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We are Growing

Premier Petroleum® is a leading petroleum distributor of both branded and unbranded petroleum products throughout the southeast United States. It will be our privilege to collaborate with you to personalize and support your oil supply contract as a station owner or operator. Different solutions such as petroleum upgrades, station branding, site work and restructuring, consigning , commission marketing and financing are only a few of the services we will provide you. We also provide fast and easy credit processing which will simplify your purchasing experience. Premier Petroleum® actively seeks to grow its market share with new investors.

Aiming to fulfill the rising global demand for energy

We wish to reach out to as many convenience stores and mini grocery stores as possible in the southeast United states. We will address all your needs with discounts and cash advances to help with equipment purchases as well as the entire branding process from start to finish.

New stores
We actively seek to develop and lease prime property in the southeast to build new stores. If you own property that is commercially zoned and ready to go, please do not hesitate to call us.

Existing stores
Please call us if you have a store to sell. We will carefully assess your store’s potential and share not only the outcomes but also a possible proposal.

Buying your existing business
If you are a wholesale fuel supplier located in the southeast United States and wish to sell your business, please call us. Advantages of dealing directly with us include:

  • Strictly confidential interaction
  • Prompt and accurate appraisal of your business
  • Fast closure
  • No brokerage fees or commissions to pay

Please call us today if you wish to sell your existing business and we will take care of the rest!

Attention Business Customers
Please provide us with an opportunity to compete for all your fuel needs. Since we represent several reputable brands, chances are that we can meet your needs with precision in a timely manner one time, all the time. We can help you with this process by meeting your equipment and installation needs as well.

Benefits Galore

  1. During your contract term, the guaranteed fixed rate will not change.
  2. Stay safe when prices rise because your cost will remain the same.
  3. Benefit from the automated fulfillment and quick payment program.

Regular Monitoring System
Save time during adverse weather conditions with our constant fuel level monitoring system. You can safely rely on us to monitor the levels in your fuel tanks and provide you with fuel when you need it most.