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Top Gas Station HazardsGeneral
25May, 24/ 114 views

Top Gas Station Hazards to Watch Out for in 2024

Gas stations, while essential for refueling our vehicles, can pose various hazards if safety measures are not strictly followed. As we move into 2024, it is crucial to be aware of these potential dangers to ensure your safety and that of others. Here are the top gas station hazards to watch out for this year. 1. Fire and Explosion Risks One of the mo …

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Fighting Violent Crime as a Gasoline Station OwnerGeneral
30Jul, 22/ 529 views

Fighting Violent Crime as a Gasoline Station Owner

Oil and gas companies in Atlanta and other regions of the country have been recently experiencing an increased wave of crime thus seriously compromising the safety and security of employees and customers alike. This sudden inundation of criminal acts encompasses both shades of crime– violent as well as non-violent, also referred to as white c …

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Top 3 Reasons to Partner with Premier PetroleumGeneral
22Jun, 21/ 707 views

Top 3 Reasons to Partner with Premier Petroleum

Oil and gas contribute to your financial and economic success by supplying energy to other sectors that help you succeed. Working or partnering with petroleum distributors will only work as a benefit for your career, providing you with overall knowledge of this area, and helping you to understand what other factors it comprises. If you’re thin …

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Colonial Pipeline - Cyber Attack ceases US Fuel PipelineGeneral
14May, 21/ 648 views

Colonial Pipeline – Cyber Attack Ceases US Fuel Pipeline

Another unnerving event came forward in news on Friday. Ransomware attack on US pipeline, leading to shutting down the entire network that sourced fuel to almost half of US East Coast. Biden calls its one of the disturbing incident reported involving digital ransom operation. Reports state that shut down can hike the fuel prices at the gas station, …

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Scale your Oil and Gas Business with Top 4 TipsGeneral
03May, 21/ 591 views

4 Tips to Scale your Oil and Gas Business

The global business environment is a bit challenging. The oil and gas companies in Georgia are fighting head to toe to stay ahead in the business, but the constant decreasing prices have strangely cut down the profit margins. Though even with these challenges, the oil and gas industry still is the most powerful branches today. The ones who are rank …

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5 Easy Tips on How to Join Oil and Gas CompanyGeneral
19Jan, 21/ 1 view

5 Easy Tips on How to Join Oil and Gas Company

As a career-driven individual, we have been propelled with tons of opportunities flowing our ways, and a career in oil and Gas Company is a good one to initiate for people with interest. The digital world provides us in the right direction while searching for information to start our career in any particular field. However, when it comes to the oil …

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