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Colonial Pipeline - Cyber Attack ceases US Fuel Pipeline
14May, 21 May 14, 2021General

Another unnerving event came forward in news on Friday. Ransomware attack on US pipeline, leading to shutting down the entire network that sourced fuel to almost half of US East Coast.

Biden calls its one of the disturbing incident reported involving digital ransom operation. Reports state that shut down can hike the fuel prices at the gas station, leading to a probable knockback among consumers and the economy.

The company immediately shuts down its operations on Friday after learning about the ransomware attack. Their team is taking essential steps required to comprehend and resolve the predicaments. They also said that their main focus is on safe and efficient reinstatement of their services and their efforts to return back to the same operation levels.

The investigation is still at the early stage, where the officials proclaimed that the hackers are possibly professional cybercriminal group. One of the former officials added that the team is looking at a group named as DarkSide, which is known to deploy ransomware and extort victims.

Ransomware is malware that locks down the entire functioning of the system by data encryption. Cyber hackers use this to gather access to the technology and in return ask for a ransom to give back the access.

Colonial told that a cybersecurity team is working on the investigation, and has also contacted the federal and law enforcement agencies.

US government bodies told that they were aware of the situation, but did not have the needed details to find out the person behind the attack.

On Saturday Morning, President Biden was briefed about the situation. The White House Spokesperson told that the government is working to help the company restore all the operations and prevent any supply disruptions.

No further details were provided by Colonial regarding the duration of the shutdown.