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Word-of-Mouth Marketing for your Fuel Station
16Oct, 22 October 16, 2022Fuel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a word or two of recommendation is worth a picture. Nothing works better, not even social media, when a personal recommendation is aired by one of your satisfied customers. Why?

Two Gems from the Lexicon

The first magic word here is trust and the second magic word is credibility. When a happy neighbor walks across the lawn and tells the next door  neighbor a thing or two about your fuel station that is both unique and impressive, your neighbor is going to remember it the next time he or she needs to purchase gasoline. Since you created a memorable experience for your first customer, the second customer will definitely go  looking for you. Do the same with your second customer and the never-ending chain will continue to expand and unwind.

The Challenge

A fuel station has a major advantage over all other businesses. You tend to offer a service which will continue to maintain a customer base even during the worst of times as long as you push the right customer service buttons. Ask each of your customers to refer you to their social circle. Request feedback and online reviews. Implement the suggestions you will receive. Remain active on social media and answer the queries customers post there.

So where does the challenge come in? The challenge is to keep your customers happy:

  • Do not make your customers wait for their turn at the pump for long.
  • Invest in additional pumps if you see lines getting long more often than not.
  • Set up additional cash registers at your convenience store in case the lines get long frequently.
  • Service your credit card machines and check them daily to prevent malfunctions.

At the risk of sounding redundant, many of these suggestions are ones with which you are already familiar. As one of the leading gasoline distributors in Georgia we can assist you not only with ideas but also with implementing them even if you live outside the state. We would also like to know more about some of the creative ideas which have motivated you to retain your customer base. Do share them with us in the comment box below.

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