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Customer Focused Culture at your Fuel Station
05Sep, 22 September 5, 2022Fuel

In an era where the competition is keen and the options are infinite, the customer is no longer the king. The customer is the emperor and rules the planet big time.

The gross sales at fuel stations across the US have always been on the rise year after year. In 2018, for instance, the sales from filling stations were recorded at US$112 billion. Diesel and gasoline were the fuels that drivers in the US purchased the most during the past decades. There have been seasonal changes, however, both in the pricing and the fuel output of the country, with more drivers taking to the roads now that COVID restrictions have mostly been withdrawn, hopefully on a permanent basis. Now that your customers are flocking to your fuel stations by the car load, here are a few ways in which you can inspire them to keep coming back again and again:

Deliver Top Flight Service through Feedback

Inferior quality customer service is the worst thing that can happen to your loyal customers. When acquiring new employees, motivate them to be polite and courteous to others. Use a feedback mechanism to assess their performance. You can achieve this objective by simply setting up iPad stations in your store and asking customers to provide feedback. As a reward, consider giving them a 10% off coupon once they CORRECTLY enter their data such as phone number and email address through this lead capture mechanism. As one of the petroleum distributors in Georgia we can help you turn these captured leads into sales.

Customer service is all about action and not words. As one of the leading oil and gas distributors in Georgia we are happy to assist you not only with your fuel station needs but also your convenience store requirements. If you have a pearl of wisdom or to about the ways in which customer service can be further enhanced at fuel stations, please share them with us in the comment section below.